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Discussion in 'Computers' started by mlb3c, 11 Feb 2007.

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    about the loading of.....
    biggest prob of late is once i type the address in, it takes way too long for it to load.....more than my patience allows....sometimes i'll put the cursor at the end and 'enter' again......what would attribute to this? :(
  2. Assuming you are using XP and all your updates are in place and you have adequate protection and it's not reporting any problems, then possibly housekeeping. How often do you do disk cleanups?

    The more information you can provide about your setup, including any recent modifications, the better.
  3. could be several reasons, what type of connection do you have? are you having firewall conflicts with multiple firewalls ie hardware and software? are you running anti virus software? have you got phishing software checking the websites you type in? or is your bandwith connection being swallowed up elsewhere?
  4. This could be nearly anything, depending on your setup. Do you have a (broadband?) modem connected directly to your PC? Is this connected directly to your phone socket? Or are you connecting using a wireless network adaptor to a router? Depending on your setup it could be:

    1) Your computer. Is it slow running other programs?
    2) Your wireless signal.
    3) Dodgy phone line.
    4) Slow broadband provider i.e. delays at the other end.
  5. no



    it's a mac and its connected to a wireless router on a broadband connection

    (she is at work so i have jumped in ) ;)
  6. OK, not sure about Macs really, but there should be software for your network adapter/MIDI card installed. The first thing to do is check to see if you can see the router. If so, check the signal strength when looking at you router. It's likely to be one of these I think. To see if the broadband connection via your router works OK (not using wireless) you should be able to connect your Mac to the router using a network cable to see if this connection works better. Or is it too far away? If you are able to do this you will need to set up a connection to the router using your LAN (rather than wireless) network settings. No idea how to do any of this on a Mac I'm afraid though!
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    Sounds like DNS servers playing up. Contact your ISP and see if there are any problems related to their default DNS servers and ask them for alternatives (a DNS server translates the address you type into the address bar into the URL etc and then goes and finds the page).

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