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    Every day even after i have repaired the folder by deleting the old cache and letting it rebuild by reopening the folders subsequently. It happens even when the system is not in use but the program is open. i am using .net framework 4.0. After I repair it works until the next morning and then the error message greets me when I turn on the screen. By the way we are sharing our one note files and all parties were getting the error at first. After the fix you suggested, that we all knew about and that we all tried 2 of the 5 five people using one note stopped getting the error, and 2 only get it every other day while I get it every day.
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  3. -Exit OneNote.

    -Find the corrupt section file via Windows Explorer (probably in Documents-->OneNote Notebooks).

    -Make a backup copy of this file just to be safe.

    -Shift+right-click the original file and select "Copy as path".

    -Click Start and select Run.

    -Type onenote.exe /forcerepair, then a space, then Paste the path to the corrupt file.

    Alternative variants are: Recovery Toolbox for OneNote - paid, but if Microsoft tool can’t help and different recovery procedures

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