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    Hello. I want to replace this lock to a polished chrome model. I dont want to damage the door. Just modernize it. How can I do this. Can I find a replacement for the mortise using the current hole, or just change the plates? How can I find a replacement and identify it in the search field for stores? All I know is that it says Yale

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  2. You can easily change the lever handles and backplates, if you undo the two screws you can probably swap them for a standard size from any DIY shed or lock merchant in your country.

    The lock itself is probably also a standard size and retained by two screws in the front plate. Over here we would use a 5-lever BS mortice sashlock, which is better than a cylinder version. There are slight variations in size between different makers. The handle plate needs a different shaped keyhole if you change to a 5-lever lock, though they are rare in your country.
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